Why Soft Power Works

Every choice is a decision, for behind every “Yes”, there is a “No”.

When you say “Yes” to the quality of learning service, you need to say “No” to a lot of temptations such as entertainment and worship to ‘masters’ who claim to transform you into a successful person with a single training.

Saying “Yes” to learning quality means real and passionate effort you need to invest into learning and development management. Our following unique philosophy of serving our clients may give you strong support to your learning and development management as well as the reasons that you decide to choose us as your learning partner:

  • Co-creation: We do not sell standard course, we customize all of our learning programmes though co-creating with our clients and participants Learning Processes, Learning Programmes and Learning Experiences.
  • Managing Learning Process: We understand class learning is part of the development process of the participants. It is NOT a single separated activity or gathering. Therefore we stick to our philosophy of managing the learning process together with our clients so that we can make greatest contribution possible to support our clients to transfer learning into real result instead of simple training records as development evidences;
  • Stakeholders participation: To our understanding, it is participant who bears the first responsibility of his/her own development. And the managers——NOT the HR——shall act as in the second place to develop their people in their own teams. Therefore we think effective learning activities must involve at least two levels of people at the same time: Participants and their Managers. Learning activities without involvement of participants’ managers are doomed to ineffective;
  • Class format: Our class formats are very open, interactive and experiential for participants. Our learning professionals are experts who can facilitate and inspire participants to learn through deep reflection, sharing and action on the spot;
  • Didactics: Rooted in successful practices with sound theoritical support, our unique T.O.P Co-creative method guarantees the quality of our learning services. It enables our learning professionals not only on designing customized programmes for our clients, but also on timely intervention at class to facilitate participants’ learning effectively.

If you want to know more about our uniquenesses please contact us or visit our Chinese website if you can understand our native language because, due to language limitation, we have written more elaborated explanations there.

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For every “Knowing”, find a valuable “Doing”.