Successful Cases

Since founding, we have been working as learning partners with top companies in three major industries: Automobile, Energy and Pharmaceutical.

We serve our clients with deep understanding and full integration into their businesses. We do not “Sell one course to all“, instead we “Serve one client with all we can.” We are proud of the achievements resulted from the following cases with innovations from time to time.

  • Leadership Development Programme for top energy company

The clients is a leading company in energy industry and it has well-developed leadership competence model. Chris JIANG, founder of Soft Power works was invited to design a leadership development programme to support the rapid development of its Joint Ventures in China. The  programme has the following feature.

The programme was highly recognized by the executives of the Joint Ventures and Soft Power works was invited to provide more services afterwards.

Comments of Participants and HR:

  1.  “Right after the training, we used coaching skills to talk to our senior leader and the result is amazing. The leader who does not like to talk too much shared a lot of personal feelings and insights this time and this gave us real opportunity to see authentic leadership in him. Thanks for the training. It really expanded our behavior repertoire and let us see things differently.”
  2.  “This leadership development programme is really unique and it helped our participants gain learning experiences not only by thinking, but also by doing and feeling. It covers the most important parts of leadership competence for senior managers and we can see real changes on them.”
  •  Full Soft Skills Training Services for global leading company in financial services

This client is a leading business intelligence provider in the financial industry. Soft Power Works has been working for them with full soft skills training services including TTT, Conflict Management, Coaching, Leadership Development, Assertiveness, Effective Communication, Problem solving and Decision making etc.

  • Full integration into client’s business with wide range of services

The client is a leading company in pharmaceutical industry and we have been serving them with deeply customised programmes:

  1. Programmes for Corporate University
    Starting from 2013, Soft Power Works worked with the Corporate University of the client on programmes covering TTT, Leading Change and Critical Thinking and PSDM. All these programmes are very well received.
  2. Workshop for leadership teams and senior managers
    In 2014, Soft Power Works successfully delivered a number of high-quality leadership workshops for the leadership teams and senior managers for this client. Topics cover Change Management, Strategic Meeting, Cross Function Collaboration etc.

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