Assertiveness®: the Foundation of Soft Power

How many times did we miss the opportunity to express our brilliant ideas in work because of our hesitation?

How many times did we let go of the chances of transforming our careers and lives toward our dreams because of feeling helpless?

How many times did our team fail to conquer business challenges due to lack of constructive conflicts?


The more we eliminate the above situations, the closer we will be to our dreamed successes.

And this is why we, both as individual or team, need Assertiveness.

What is Assertiveness

Every successful person or business executive is the ambassador of  Assertiveness. They are masters of how to achieve goals in challenging situations. And their way of dealing with difficulties are the best annotation of Assertiveness.

As professional institution specialized in soft power training, we, together with clients served,  deeply believe that Assertiveness is the foundation of Soft Power.

Assertiveness Training Methodoloty

There is no end of being more assertive. Whenever there is a “upgrade”, either it is a promotion or become senior, in our work and life, it calls for a higher level of Assertiveness.

Effective training can help to boost improve Assertiveness. Soft Power Works has developed its own copyrighted and registered trade mark protected course “Assertiveness® Training” to help participants and teams to improve their assertiveness level in a most effective way.

Our method has been proved by many participants and clients and we pride ourselves in such successes.

Voice of Clients and Participants

“Before coming to the course I was told by my colleague that the Assertiveness course from Soft Power Works is a ‘must-learn’ in career. After participating in it I fully agree to that conclusion.”——Participants from famous international manufacturing company

“Assertiveness Training by Soft Power Works is definitely a course you can not miss.”——A European participant

“Although I am already in executive position I still feel strong need for higher level of assertiveness because I need to deal with more complicated interpersonal scenarios.”——Chief Strategy Office of a Fortune 500 company

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 Assertiveness® is a registered trade mark of Soft Power Works Ltd.

English website goes live

【February 1, 2014】With the celebration of Chinese Spring Festival, our English website goes live to welcome the spring!

As a training company dedicated to the development of Soft Powers of teams and individuals of this great country, our messages are mainly delivered in Chinese. However, every professional certified by Soft Power Works has global view and is able to localize global sources in English and most of them can even offer training services in English.

The English version of our website is to provide general information of Soft Power Works. For details information of our service, please contact us directly.